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Made By Alida

Rain Drops

Rain Drops

Solid sterling silver square wire frame. Brushed satin finish.

65mmX13mm (Incl. hook)


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  • Intricately hand-crafted by Perth designer, Alida Cappelletta
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Jewellery & Ceramics Care


A few simple care instructions for your unique Made By Alida jewellery to maintain its outer beauty to be treasured throughout many life times.

When Sterling Silver is worn often it typically requires less care, so we beg you to wear your silver everyday!

Avoid contact with any chemicals such as bleach, lotions, cosmetics and perfumes as these can be damaging to your jewellery and cause tarnishing.

Avoid wearing your jewellery in salty oceans and chlorinated pools. We recommend not to sleep with your jewellery on, as this may causes unnecessary stress on components making them more likely to distort or break.

Store your jewellery in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and in separate pouches to avoid scratching and further tarnishing.

After wearing your jewellery, clean with a soft cloth before you store away. This will remove the oils from your skin which will help to prevent tarnishing and any build up of dirt. A small brush with natural bristles can be used with warm soapy water. Rinse well, dry thoroughly and buff gently with a soft cloth to brighten up your silver.

May wearing your distinct piece of jewellery fill you with joy and love as much as we have enjoyed making it.


All ceramics are dishwasher safe.

Not oven or microwave safe.

Sudden changes in temperature may shock your ceramics, so best not put in oven or microwave.

Please remember that ceramics are easily breakable if not given the love and attention they so desperately need. "If you drop me I may crack, there's no turning back!"

May these useful objects fill your home and be part of creating fond memories to celebrate family, friends and traditions.


The Crafting Process

A humble work bench bursting with bold inspiration and inquisitive curiosity.

Alida's 'happy place" where her visions are brought to life with much care and intention for creating all things beautiful...

The speed of the below video (creating our Swirls Earrings) has been increased by 400%. Hand-crafting jewellery is an intricate process.